I am Rachel and I think its safe to say I am a creative person. I study at Nottingham Trent University Product Design but I also have a real passion is knitting. I know what you are thinking.. Knitting! pah! that's for Grannys right? Sitting around under blankets in the winter.. for goodness sake this girl is only 22.. what a nutter! and yeh to some extent you are right.. some knitted items are disgustingly old fashioned and tacky. (think of Colin Firth in Bridget Jones and his reindeer jumper! erggh!)

BUT.. these days.. thanks to a new age of knitting yarns and books from people such as Debbie Bliss and Rowan, knitting has been revitalise as something fresh, cool and where you can create some gorgeous accessories and clothes! You go into Miss Selfridge, Topshop, River Island.. any high street store.. and you see gorgeous knitwear.. Hats.. Mittens.. Scarves.. Jewellery.. Clothes.. People don't realise that YOU can makes the things you see for a fraction of the price that they store sell them for and the best thing about it is you choose the COLOUR... you choose the STYLE.. you choose the SIZE.. you CREATE what you want & you are UNIQUE.

Anyway, that is the purpose of my blog, to show you some of the gorgeous things you can make with a ball of yarn and needles and try and persuade you to take it up.

Here are some items I have created and images I like to inspire a new perception of knitwear along with my stories.